In July 2015, we launched the ADAPT Campaign contest. It was designed to to stay active, but also stay safe! The ADAPT campaign is helping to remind you to stay active, but ensure you take a few precautions: A – Stay Active D – Discuss Meds and Drink Water. If you are taking any heart medications, it is important to discuss the impacts of hot weather with you doctor. Don’t change and adjust medications yourself. Keep yourself hydrated…water is the best choice! A – Ask a friend. With warm weather it’s always nice to have a friend to get active with. Not only is it great motivation, but it gives you safety in numbers! P – Pick cool clothes. Clothing can have a big impact on how your body reacts to heat, especially when you are active. Pick cool, breathable, comfortable clothes and shoes. T – Time and Temperature. With the thermometer rising, choose early morning or later afternoon when temperatures are cool and not peaking.