DIL Walk is for the community and by the community. DIL Walk was started with an aim to identify champions who can take a leading role in:

  • Create awareness about heart disease and its impact
  • Provide resources and educate community members
  • Help create linkages and help to raise funds for research
  • Be a leader and help build community capacity

DIL Walk champions come from all backgrounds, experiences, cultures and traditons. DIL Walk champions are believe in shared belief of education and sharing responsibilities to make our communities healthier and better. They could be Board of Directors and Executive Committee members, or volunteers during DIL Walk events, or a person who retweet DIL Walk tweets, or a person who share DIL Walk messages on facebook or by email, or a person who asks his friends to come join DIL Walk, or a sponsor who makes DIl Walk happen. DIL Walk is about YOU and YOU are the champion. Help us re-develop our community where we can share each other happiness and sorrow, help remind our friends of their appointments, give them a ride to doctors office, provide healthcare links, bring their medications from pharmacy, or simply……wish them best of their health. Come and Join other DIL Walk Champions! DIL Walk is from our heart to YOURS!

Helping Hearts, Be A DIL Walk Voluteer

Make a difference in your community by volunteering at one of our DIL Walk events! Your name will be entered into our volunteer database for any future volunteer opportunities.