The DIL Walk Foundation (DWF) is a not for profit organization, that is 100% volunteer run. It is dedicated to increasing the awareness of heart disease using a primary prevention approach. With a focus on providing leadership and expertise in the areas of clinical practice, research and advocacy, in respect to cardiovascular disease prevention, the Foundation promotes best practices and acts as a resource to the community, professionals, and organizations. DIL Walk Foundation is an advocate for members of the community through the advancement of primary care prevention in Canada. The foundation acts as a catalyst for education, capacity building and information sharing to the community at large and health professionals dedicated to the promotion of cardiovascular health and prevention in Canada. The objectives of DIL are to encourage members of the community to take a proactive role towards their heart health. Goals of this project have been identified as the following:

  • Create awareness about the impact of heart disease
  • Resource development
  • Research
  • Educate community members
  • Create linkages
  • Raise funds and conduct research
  • Build community capacity