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With a new year comes a fresh start, a clean slate and an opportune time to embrace the best of what the future promises. A great place to start is at the beginning of the day…Breakfast. We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it looks like 2016 is going to be the year of the morning meal. Hashtags #breakfast and #brunch trending on Instagram and Twitter is proof that people are willing to indulge on the first meal of the day, and rightfully so…breakfast is the most important meal of the day! More of the taste bud tantalizing flavour combination of sweet and heat. Consider chilies and honey, Sriracha and maple syrup drizzled over roasted vegetables, or jalapeno-infused honey, and sweet and sour mango pickle (achar).

Here are my top 5 new trends to follow for breakfast in 2016
1. Spicy Yogurt –

We all know that Savory yogurt isn’t exactly a newcomer. Though countries in the West prefer to eat their yogurt sweet, much of the world eats its yogurt in savory ways. Commonly known in the South Asian culture as Raita, spicy yogurt is about to take the front seat in breakfast across North America. So whatever your fancy – sweet, spicy, savoury or a mix – be sure to add yogurt to your menu at breakfast this year!

Here are some fun ways to “spice” up your yogurt:
  • cucumber – diced or shredded, seasoned with black pepper
  • berries and granola
  • banana, walnuts and honey
  • fresh pomegranate with pineapple chunks
  • chia seeds and flax seeds
  • grated carrots
  • chopped tomatoes, roasted cumin seeds, cilantro leaves, black pepper
  • Dry High Fibre Cereals (Bran Buds)
  • boiled potatoes, fresh coriander, black pepper and chilli powder
  • berries, nuts, granola, cinnamon and honey
  • peanut butter
2. Twist on Toast –

We have all heard “breakfast for dinner” what about a twist on toast for breakfast? This year toast explodes with a variety of flavors, combinations and ideas. Starting with a high fiber, grain base, the sky is the limit as flavours ignite your sensory buds! How about a Savory French Toast Interestingly, growing up in a South Asian home, we NEVER had French Toast with syrup, it was always with a spicy sauce. The egg batter was not laden with sugar, but rather salt, pepper and other spices.

Here are some other twists on toast:
  • ricotta cheese, avocado slices, crushed red peppers
  • peanut/almond butter, banana, chia seeds
  • berries (blackberries, raspberries), basil leaves, cream cheese
  • hummus, walnuts and pomegranate seeds
  • boiled/poached egg, tomato and spinach
  • dates, feta cheese and slivered almonds
3. Smoothie Bowl –

We know smoothies are a big hit! Now, the next sensation the Smoothie Bowl. Pour your smoothie into a bowl and starting adding the toppings. What a fun way to dress up the smoothie, adding flavor, texture and nutrients. Throw away the straw, and pull out the spoon!

Here are some fun items to add:
  • fresh diced up fruit
  • flax seeds
  • raw nuts
  • chia seeds
  • granola
  • berries
  • oats
4. The Breakfast Sandwich –

The sandwich will never go out of style, whether its at breakfast, lunch or supper. This year, the sandwich is the hit at breakfast. With a wide array of toppings to add, this meal is sure to satisfy. From grilled veggies, to eggs, to dark leafy greens and melted cheese, your tummy will be satisfied all morning long!

Here are some topping ideas:
  • grilled veggies – zucchini, red peppers, spinach
  • eggs – poached, boiled, scrambled, or just plain whites
  • cheese – choose a low fat variety, so many type to choose from
  • fresh veggies – tomatoes
  • sauces – watch the added calories with these!
5.The Power Bites –